The City of La Porte in conjunction with the Healthcare Foundation is excited to offer the community a network of paved walking, running, and bicycling paths that stretch throughout La Porte. You'll find trails that are perfect for walking, biking, hiking, as well as mountain biking. Following is more information on each trail. 

All trails are open from sunrise until 10 p.m.


Chessie Trail
The Chessie Trail is a 1.5-mile stretch of a multi-use path from Pine Lake to NewPorte Landing on the north side of the city. The trailhead is located in Kiwanis-Teledyne Park, located on the east shore of Pine Lake just off Pine Lake Avenue. The project was primarily funded by Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds earmarked by the federal government for projects with the potential to reduce motorized vehicle traffic and improve air quality, with the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte providing the 20-percent local match.

Planning is underway for the construction of the next segment of the Chessie Trail, which will pick up where the current trail ends in NewPorte Landing, head south into downtown, and then west along 1st Street to L Street. Construction for this leg of the trail is set to begin in 2022.

Clear Lake Trail ( Phase 1 of Clear Lake Greenway Project) 
The Clear Lake Trail allows for anglers, bicyclists, joggers, and pedestrians to enjoy the shore of Clear Lake in Fox Memorial Park. The first phase of the trail was constructed in 2018 along the southern edge of the lake, from McClung Road to Detroit Street. Parking is located in three locations along the trail. Future plans for the Clear Lake Greenway Project call for completing a loop trail around the entire lake and connecting to the Chessie Trail through NewPorte Landing.

By 2022, the City of La Porte plans to complete 1.7 miles of trail that will encircle Clear Lake and tie into 3.5 miles of the Chessie Trail, connecting Pine and Clear Lakes with our downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

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City-Shore Bikeway (Future)


Kesling Park Trail
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Soldiers Memorial MTB
Soldiers Memorial Park in La Porte, Indiana was dedicated in 1928 and containing 556 acres, serves the population of northern Indiana and southern Michigan. It is the largest city park and widely known for its forested beauty, water sports, and organized recreational activities. The park encompasses all of Stone Lake, 140 acres of water, and all but 628 feet of its shoreline. Also, the park provides a variety of active and passive recreational activities including swimming, playgrounds, diamond sports, volleyball, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, fishing, and boating. Within its gently rolling terrain, the property is approximately 85 percent woodlands and water. Access is available to Stone Lake, Pine Lake, Crane Lake, and Craven Pond. Nature trails have been developed through a stand of native trees, allowing environmental education opportunities.

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Stone Lake Trail
The City of La Porte will design and construct a .8-mile multi-use trail along the shores of Stone Lake from Craven Drive to the Stone Lake Beach House. The 8 ½-foot-wide asphalt trail will run along Lake Shore Drive and Grangemouth Road and will include nodes with lake access that bump out into Stone Lake every 500 feet or so along the trail. The project includes shoreline improvements with native plantings and erosion stabilization. This is the first segment of a planned loop trail around Stone Lake that will connect Soldiers Memorial Park to the Chessie Trail via Truesdell Avenue.

18th Street Trail - In Progress
The City of La Porte has been working to support the School Corporation’s expansion of the Kesling Campus; to date, various roadway and limited pedestrian improvements have been completed, however, one key piece is missing. The 18th Street Greenway Project-Phase 2 continues the work, providing safe access for biking and pedestrian students to and from the Kesling Campus and Kesling Park. The project will develop a multi-use side path between Kingsbury Avenue and I Street along the south side of 18th Street and sidewalks to fill an accessibility gap along Kingsbury Avenue (Fox Street and 18th Street).